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Stage 3

Jungu – Gruben 
Dénivelé positif 1'766 m
Dénivelé négatif 1'075 m
Longueur 15,5km
Durée 5h15

The hike

In about 5 hours hike you will reach the village of Gruben/Meiden in the Turtmann valley. The footpaths are still well maintained, the hike goes on between forests in St.Niklaus, mountain pastures above Jungu and rocky paths. Augstbord pass ("the August combe") at 2,894 meters.

On the map here presented -> the trails is shown from the top station of the lift Jungenbahn. 

Not to be missed

  • Via Crucis "Grossu Sparruwand", from St-Niklaus ;
  • Augstbordpass, a famous pass between Mattertal and Turtmanntal;
  • the Turtmann valley (Turtmanntal) itself, a piece of nature, preserved from mass tourism.

Accommodation and catering


1:25'000 ->  Folio 1308 St.Niklaus

1:50'000 -> Tour Matterhorn (by tourist offices) 

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