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Stage 5

Zinal – Arolla 
Dénivelé positif 2'410 m
Dénivelé négatif 1'919 m
Longueur 33,8 km
Durée 15h10

The hike

The trail from Zinal to Sorebois is one of the most steep of the Tour Matterhorn. You can avoid this 700 meters ascent with the cable car Zinal-Sorebois. This ride will be free of charge if you sleep the night before in one of the Zinal's hotel - with the Anniviers-Liberté pass. From the village of les Haudères as the hike to reach Arolla 2’006 m could be not very intersting,we advice you to use public transportation (Car postal).

2 passes close 3,000 meters elevation, 1 big dam lake, in a high mountain scenery : this make the stage particular.  

Not to be missed

  • the scenic view on Weisshorn and Zinalrothorn mountains from the top station of cable car Zinal-Sorebois ;
  • other panorama : lake and dam of Moiry from the Sorebois pass at 2,835 meters ;
  • the mountain lake Autannes at 2,686 meters, before hiking the Torrent pass at 2,916 meters, famous link between Val d'Anniviers and Val d'Hérens ;
  • the Hérens breed cows and their strong temper ;
  • charming tipical wooden houses ;
  • sunset on Mont Collon from Arolla.

Accommodation and catering


    1:25'000 ->  Folio 1307 Vissoie, Folio 1327 Evolène, Folio 1347 Matterhorn

    1:50'000 -> Tour Matterhorn (by tourist offices)   

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