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Stage 4

Gruben – Zinal 
Dénivelé positif 1'059 m
Dénivelé négatif 1'204 m
Longueur 20,4 km
Durée 7h30

The hike

As an international trek, the Matterhorn Tour makes you travel through languages and cultures. From Gruben in Turtmanntal to Zinal in Val d'Anniviers, the hiker enters the French speaking area of the Valais. Crossing the Meidpass at 2,790 meters, the trail goes downhill until Zinal 1,675 meters. At half way, you can rest at the historic and famous Hotel Weisshorn, before going on the Sierre-Zinal mountain marathon race trail.

Not to be missed

  • as a long stage, don't forget to carry food and beverage ;
  • sunlights on the Meidsee ;
  • very wide view on the West side, from the Meidpass ;
  • Hotel Weisshorn, at 2,337 meters and built in year 1887! ;
  • micro-brewery Bière de Zinal.

Accommodation and catering


1:25'000 ->  Folio 1308 St.Niklaus, Folio 1307 Vissoie, Folio 1327 Evolène

1:50'000 -> Tour Matterhorn (by tourist offices)  

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