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Randa - Topali hut
The tour Matterhorn begins at the train station in Randa. We cross the Vispa and reach the west side of the Matter valley through a gravel pit. The path wriggles itself through many curves, up the hillside, right under the Bis-glacier. On the first level of the terrain, above the rockfall area of Randa, it is time for a rest. Thereafter we hike to the north, out of the Matter valley. Monitoring stations show the caution of the mountain dwellers, which don't want to leave their fate in the hands of chance, but rely on modern technology to watch the region. The hillsides are steep, but at some places, bridges of wood and metal facilitate the crossing of the streams. On this first stage of the tour we will, often enough, find fresh water.

After the "Kastel", a gorgeous vantage point, a steep level of terrain awaits us, which we can surmount by using chains. The next rest is well deserved. An adventurous crossing of a broad but flat stream soon leads us to a small pedestal which is surrounded by low stone walls. On the foothill of the Distul fin we can already spot the gleaming Topalali hut at 2573 meters. From afar, the hut looks like a modern eagle's nest. We encounter black-necked goats, some of the smaller ones approach daringly to see if someone has some nice food in their backpack.
The view from the Topali hut is stunning. On the other side of the valley, the Mischabell-massif, the Täschhorn, the Dom, the Nadelhorn, the Hohberghorn and the Dürrenhorn raise in front of us. To the south, we can see the Monte-Rosa-massif. The huge panoramic windows of the hut allow a view on the mountain giants, even during supper.

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